My Favourite Blogs

Here is a list of my favourite blogs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you would like your blog added to my blogroll please leave a comment on this page and I’ll go check out your blog.

Cupcake Mummy Cupcake Mummy
Cupcake is just about the most awesome person I have ever met in cyberspace. She is super creative and quirky, my favourite combo of personality traits.

Mogispie Right Down My Alley
Every now and then you “meet” someone in cyberspace and you just click. Mogispie is one of those people who I just love. Her little boy and my twins were conceived 1 week apart.

Danielle Keeping Up With The Holsbys
Another hilarious, slightly irreverent mommy blogger, who regularly posts the most delicious recipes. Her blog is a lucky packet of funny anecdotes, great food and beautiful photography. In short I aspire to having a blog of this calibre.

Lillybet Lillybet’s Weblog
Lillybet is a friend who I met on a poetry website many years back. I love following her journey through life in blog instalments. Her wife and her are thinking about starting a family. I am so excited for them and hope it is an easy path for them.

Marion Keeping My Eyes On Jesus
This is a sweet mommy blog of a woman with a miracle baby. Her little boy was conceived naturally after over a decade of trying everything including IVF.

Marion also runs a business selling cloth nappies and her prices are really good.

Lindi Babies and Us
A mommy, a daddy, a little girl. A lovely blog of a woman parenting after infertility. I love the picture she paints of their life and am often a little envious of how fun their life is.

Cam Angels on my mind
Cam, Cstelle, Juanita and I all conceived twins within two weeks of each other. Cam was the first to give birth to her beautiful boy/girl twins after a terrifying diagnosis of pre-eclampsia which turned into full blown eclampsia. Now mommy and babies are all happy and perfect.

Cstelle Zero Guarantees
Another twin mommy who finally after 10 years of trying became a mom to boy/girl twins. Her amazing sister acted as her surrogate giving her the greatest gift of two healthy babies. This is the blog I most enjoy reading.

Juanita Mommy at last
Juanita and her hubby Chris are infertility rock-stars! They, through their openness and willingness to discuss their journey, became the poster couple for Male Factor Infertility. After being told that they would never have children genetically his, they welcomed their 100% genetically theirs twins a week before my boys were born.

JoziBelle JoziBelle Warrior mom in the city of gold. This is one crazily stylish lady. I love her beautiful photos. She is an aspiring writer and has taken time off her blog to focus on her book but I doubt she will stay away for very long. Her archives are worth a look.

Lisa-Marie To Love Belle There are many paths to parenthood and one of the most beautiful for me is through adoption. Lisa-Marie has a wonderful way of writing about the adoption experience. I particularly love the letters she writes to Belle’s birth mom.

Sharon The Blessed Barrenness Sharon is passionate about many things. Her daughter Ava, her husband Walter, and adoption. She is so open about her adoption experience. She discusses every aspect of her adoption of Ava, and their journey to adopt a sibling.

Bernadette Rasta Less Travelled
A blog about an extraordinary family. Bernadette and Duane became parents to a gorgeous set of boy/girl twins via surrogacy in India. The twins made an early arrival, leaving Bernadette living in a hotel with her babies in NICU. Her daughter, Scarlett, was discharged quickly but her poor little boy, Hayden, has experienced various complications leaving him stuck in NICU for a very, very long time, and his mom stuck in India for a third of a year. This is a blog to read start to finish. Hayden has since passed away.

Butch Jaxson ButchOnTap
This is a funny, tongue-in-cheek guide to being butch. Butch really has a great way of writing, each post is clever and well written. Topics include everything from beer to pedicures.

Julie George.Jessie.Love
The amazing story of a wonderful mom parenting a precocious and charming transgender child.

C.J’s Mom Raising My Rainbow
C.J in his mother’s words is a “fabulously gender creative” little boy. I love reading about how C.J’s Mom negotiates life while parenting a sweet boy who loves Barbie, and Little Mermaid pyjamas.

Kelle Enjoying the small things
What would you do if you found out that your baby had Down’s Syndrome? This is the most incredible blog of a mom with a DS daughter. Kelle will turn your preconceived idea on their head. She writes about her beautiful daughters in a way that makes you understand that DS can be a blessing and that her daughter is indeed beautiful and unique, and very definitely an amazing human being.


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