Being Fabulous

I’m a thirty-something mommy of very busy twin boys.

I used to have hobbies, now I have children.

As my social media profiles say I am a:

Queer, gender fluid, pickle making, kombucha brewing, foodie, married, parent, healer, tattooed, blue haired, feminist, shit-stirrer

How much can you really learn about someone from a bio though? If you want to get into my head, read my blog posts.

There is a lot of random ramblings, many food related posts and occasional musings about being a queer parent to twins and the challenges of parenting.

A lot of my old post are password protected. If you would like the password, email me on fabulousmommyblog(at)gmail(dot)com.


7 thoughts on “Being Fabulous

  1. HI Fabulous Mommy! I have just received a surprise parcel in the post… Thank you soooo much for my ‘secret santa’ gift, how very awesome of you to send me me something. I LOVE everything, perfect perfect perfect and the little artwork from your one year old is precious.
    You have made my day:-D
    (imsonotablogger AKA Robyn;-))

    • Yay! I’ve been stalking your blog waiting to see that you got it!

      So glad you enjoyed it. I would have gotten both boys to draw a pic for you but L was completely uninterested in the kokis. M wouldn’t let me move and was desperate to see what I was doing.

      Sorry that it took so long to get to you. Better late than never.

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