Operation Makeover – the perfect red lipstick

Okay, I started writing this post and it very quickly degenerated into a pity-party whine fest. So I kicked myself in the ass, deleted what I wrote and started again.

Being a mom of twins is taxing. I’m feeling a little run down and tired. So I’ve decided it is time for a little TLC.

It all started today when I walked into Clicks and found some red lipstick on sale.

Now the perfect red lipstick is a mythical beast akin to the unicorn. Every beauty editor has told us mere mortals that it exists and has the magical ability to turn the dowdy, worn out mommy into a confident and sexy vamp faster than you can say Revlon.

I’m not a big make-up person. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up for a special occasion but I don’t pop on some lipstick and mascara as a matter of habit. Hell I seldom manage to shower or change out of my pyjamas unless I have to leave the house.

I have been browsing red lipsticks for years and let me tell you there are pitifully few on the market. There is a fruit salad of every shade from raisin and plum, to candyfloss and strawberry swirl. Nude pinks to electric shades that would make Boy George cringe. Beiges and browns. Oranges, bronzes and golds. Colours for summer or winter, classics and a la mode. With all this choice there is shockingly few bright, bold, luscious, sexy, luminous reds. At best most red lipsticks only qualify as reddish.

So imagine my delight when I found not one but three gorgeous shades of subtly different red. All on special.

Two from Rimmel Signature Red and Retro, and one from Max Factor (it is a brand only stocked by Clicks and I love their products) called Intensely Red. The signature and intensely have a slight blue undertone and the retro has an orange undertone. I couldn’t decide which would suit my skin tone better so I got all three.

And guess what all three look great on me! I think the Rimmel Signature Red will become my favourite.

A quick dash of lipstick and some mascara and I suddenly feel like a new person.


Travelling with twins

To say I was a little apprehensive of doing a five-hour road trip with the boys would be an understatement. Lion Cub is happy to sit in his car chair and nap when he gets tired, Monkey is a little terror. He hates being confined to a car chair for any amount of time and refuses to sleep.

Friday morning after we packed the last of our bags into the car, with me sitting between the boys on the back seat, off we went.

The boys were due for a nap half an hour later. So when they started to look tired I tucked them in with a blanket each. Lion Cub had his nijntjie (rabbit sleep soother) and Monkey his dudu-doek (a toweling nappy) and both went straight to sleep. The sleep training has worked getting them to fall asleep by themselves and the hum of the road seemed to lull them. They slept for almost two hours. When they woke up I had their snack ready.

This is the secret to a contented road trip…new and interesting finger foods. The favourites were:
A peanut butter sandwich
Penne with tomato pesto and grated cheese
Fruit flavoured puffs
Biltong (similar to jerky) and droƫwors (a type of dried sausage)
Dried mango which is always a favourite
Puffed chips
Vienna sausages (yes, the root of all evil I know, but I figure one every year or so won’t do any damage)
Mashed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and cheese

I managed to keep them entertained for a good few hours just by giving them new foods to try.

We had toys packed in a bag that didn’t even get opened. They played with a ball each without any fuss.

There was a quick stop in Harrismith for coffee and a stretch. The boys were fascinated by the cars going past.

We arrived at Tendele in the Royal Natal National Park in the early afternoon with two happy babies. The Drakensberg was beautiful, the weather perfect and we all had a good rest.

The boys were on their best behaviour, the napped well even when we were hiking back from the Cascades.

It was a thoroughly wonderful weekend with a successful drive there and back. No meltdowns.

Our next road trip will be the 13 hour drive down to the coast which seems very possible all of a sudden.

Mama and Lion Cub in a forest

Mama and Lion Cub in a forest

Mommy and Monkey having a picnic at the Cascades

Mommy and Monkey having a picnic at the Cascades

First Wimpy experience

First Wimpy experience

Photoshoot competition update.

I’ve dropped down to second place. šŸ˜¦

I’m now 10 votes behind the leader.

The competition works that you can vote once per email address and once per device. So basically you can vote from your phone, PC and tablet.

Would you vote again for me if possible?

Beth Rosen

This is what I want to do with the photoshoot… (not Tanya’s work but you get the idea)

    And here are a few more photos that Tanya took…

So what did you do today?

Want to know what the average day of a twin mommy is like. Here is a day in the life of Fabs:

Last night I worked on my research proposal for my Masters degree until 1am.
I climbed into bed next to my sleeping wife.
I climbed out of bed to soothe a crying baby.
Rinse and repeat 6 times.
I kicked DW out of bed to take over with the boys at 6.
Slept until 9:30 while Angel Nanny looked after the boys.
Sent a few emails regarding my proposal.
Played with boys.
Drove to Joburg (about an hour away) to help my sister buy textbooks from the bookshop at med school.
Got stuck in traffic on the way to Joburg had to make a 30min detour.
Picked sister up at college (she is studying to be a nurse) took her to med school to buy textbooks. (she is now the only person in her class with all her textbooks)
Had lunch at med school canteen. Oh how I love the med school canteen! Such yummy food.
Dropped sister at home.
Drove homeward.
Stopped halfway to buy fish for fish curry.
Stopped at Auntie Woolies to pick up dinner.
Got home.
Entertained neighbours who dropped in to play with the boys.
Feed boys.
Set out bath stuff for boys.
Played with boys.
Put dinner in the oven.

Now hopefully we can give the boys their bottles and get them down without too much fuss.
Then eat dinner.
Massage my poor wife’s calf which she managed to sprain last week.
Make a few tweaks on my proposal before handing it in tomorrow.
Read a page or two in the novel that has taken me over a month to read (I could once read a 500 page book in 2 or 3 days).
Help DW pack for the boys and for us for a weekend away.
Okay the novel ain’t gonna happen *sigh*.
Try get some sleep at some point.

Twins + trying to finish a degree + running a household + finding time to spend with my wonderful wife = a very full life.

On a side note we are taking the boys to the mountains with some friends from Italy this coming weekend. I am so looking forward to it. I just hope we don’t get snowed in with the crazy weather we have been having.

DW and I love a road trip. It is a bit intimidating doing a 5 hour drive with 8 month old twins but they have to get used to it sooner or later. We are going to be doing lots of road trip adventures in the future.

Anybody have ideas on how to manage with babies in the car long distance?

Two for the price of one

Dear Wife called me to come see what the boys were doing. Lion Cub was in the walker and Monkey had pulled himself up against the walker and was playing follow the leader.

Dear Wife was desperately trying to keep Monkey from falling and hurting himself as he still isn’t very steady on his feet while “walking”.

Too cute! These boys are going to give us grey hairs.