#MyNameIs (and why it doesn’t matter)

Recently there has been a lot of noise on all social media platforms protesting against Facebook’s real name policy. The fight to be allowed to use an alias is being lead by a colorful group of drag queens, but don’t think that it is just some people on the outskirts of society who would want to or need to use an alias.


For all or all the very good reasons as to why someone would want to use an alias everyone has missed the point.

Facebook Is not in the business of social media. Facebook is the most ingenious data mining website ever created. Social media is the hook they use to get you to hand over your personal information and by having your real name, email address, phone number, age, sex, country of residence, shopping habits, restaurant habits, holiday habits, and all the other info you willingly give over, they have a unique profile of you that is advertising gold!

Facebook will do anything to maintain the integrity of their sellable data and they really don’t care if they piss off a few minorities groups in doing so.


#ProjectPoetry 2

#ProjectPoetry is a creative writing collaboration between 4 bloggers; Green Lydia, Flat White Concepts, Cupcake Mummy and myself.

Each week we each post a poem

Each poem is written using a line from the previous poet’s poem.

Click here for the previous poem written by Cupcake Mummy


The rain lashes down
and the rivers run full
A serpentine torrent
breaches it’s banks

The rain lashes down
and the flood water rises
A serpentine torrent
breaches it’s banks

The rain lashes down
rivulets on the window
Replacing drought dust
with mud…

A serpentine torrent
creeps under a door
The rain lashes down
and the rivers run full

A serpentine torrent
took the car and the bed,
a box full of photos,
and you

#ProjectPoetry 1

I have been lax and this poor blog of mine has been ignored in favour of new friends, drawing, life, a new business and other distractions.

My awesome friend CupcakeMummy invited me to join in on a fun little creative writing project, so here we are. I am trying my hand at poetry. My writing stills are as blunt as the EFF in parliament and inspiration is in short supply. Hopefully this will help get the creative juices flowing.

This is a collaborative effort between GreenLydia, Flat White Concepts, Cupcake Mummy and myself. (I am struggling to add hyperlinks from my iPad and will link the other blogs later from my PC)

The idea is that we’ll each write a poem a week. The first line of our poem will be the highlight line from the previous writer’s poem. Cupcake gave me the line: “the hunger to fit in”

Here goes:


Slipping through the cracks

The hunger to fit in
a body that curves in
foreign ways

Fit in a society that leaves
This expansive self

The hunger to belong
without curious glances
or whispers

Do they see how
I drift out around the edges
like smoke

Curling around those hands
that would pack me
in a pretty little box

The previous poems can be found here: