#MyNameIs (and why it doesn’t matter)

Recently there has been a lot of noise on all social media platforms protesting against Facebook’s real name policy. The fight to be allowed to use an alias is being lead by a colorful group of drag queens, but don’t think that it is just some people on the outskirts of society who would want to or need to use an alias.


For all or all the very good reasons as to why someone would want to use an alias everyone has missed the point.

Facebook Is not in the business of social media. Facebook is the most ingenious data mining website ever created. Social media is the hook they use to get you to hand over your personal information and by having your real name, email address, phone number, age, sex, country of residence, shopping habits, restaurant habits, holiday habits, and all the other info you willingly give over, they have a unique profile of you that is advertising gold!

Facebook will do anything to maintain the integrity of their sellable data and they really don’t care if they piss off a few minorities groups in doing so.


4 thoughts on “#MyNameIs (and why it doesn’t matter)

    • Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful marketing tools for entertainers and performers. In this day and age it is almost impossible not to use social media to self promote which makes it less optional for the likes of the drag queens and entertains who brought this issue to light.

      Facebook does have the option to have profiles for companies but also want you to pay to have your followers see your activity. This in not an option for struggling artists and bloggers.

      • Like you said: FB does data mining.

        You come onto a platform someone else has built and you are not their client, you are the product that they sell to their clients- the advertisers.

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