Edukits Learning Centre – Grand Opening

Remember the info I shared a little while back about the awesome Edukits email that I got about Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls? Well, Edukits have an exciting new project launching. They are opening a learning centre in Randpark. “What’s that?” you ask…

Edukits learning centre offers kids access to learn all the things they are curious about.  Our weekly classes include Art, Zulu, Science, Jewellery Making, LEGO and LEGO Robotics, Entrepreneurial skills and a whole lot more!  Run by people who are passionate about their subjects and passionate about kids too – Edukits is your ideal partner to help learning come alive!”

LEGO ROBOTICS! I’m sold! I’m going to drag the kids to that if they’re interested or not!


Want to see what it is all about? Why not join them for the grand opening on 5 July 2014. All you have to do is RSVP by clicking here.

I’m quite keen to see what they have to say about homeschooling.



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