Potty training – Pampers vs Huggies

Lion-cub showing his baba how it’s done.


We are in the thick of potty training. It is going well and the boys are really getting good at going to the loo when prompted.

I can’t begin to describe the joy I feel at the idea that poopy nappies will soon be a thing of the past. That said, I am also less than enchanted by the number of poopy underpants I find myself washing out.

The boys don’t wear nappies during the day and go to the loo as they need to. We still have a couple accidents every now and then but they are getting fewer. Poor Monkey boy gets really upset when he has accidents so we try pre-empt them by taking the boys to the loo regularly.

Pull ups are a godsend for when we are driving in the car or in a very busy environment (like when we go visit Ouma and Oupa) where the boys are distracted and less likely to take notice of the urge to go to the loo.


I have always used a combination of Pampers and Huggies depending on which are on special. Usually, it was Pampers Active in the day and Huggies for boys at night. We had way too many leaks at night with Pampers and Huggies worked better. Only problem with Huggies were they were much more expensive and hardly ever on special at Dischem which limited me buying them exclusively.

Imagine my surprise when I realised that Huggies Gold Slip on Pants were actually cheaper than Pampers Active Pants for boys.

I went on to Twitter and asked other moms which they were using and the results were overwhelmingly in favour of Huggies. Even better was Huggies (@Huggies_SA) contacting me directly and couriering me a couple samples of their Slip on Pants. (Well done Huggies on social media done right, you have a devoted fan in me now!)


So here is the breakdown of my experience of the different nappies.


Pampers Active Boy Pants

Huggies Slip on Pants



5 (12kg-18kg)

5 (14kg-18kg)

Price (per nappy)

R3.73 (takealot) R4.16 (dischem)

R3.39 (takealot & dischem)


Go Diego Go

Winnie the Pooh


One size fits all

Adjustable sides





Good – specific boy front panel

Good – unisex

Toddler pull up





My experience so far is that the Huggies are a better fit. Although my boys are both 15kgs they have skinny hips and the re-sealable side panels mean I can fit it snugly and it stops the front panel from folding down inside the nappy. The re-sealable side panels also mean that you don’t have to remove shoes and pants to change a nappy, nor tear the side panels to change a poopy nappy.

The downside? My boys are Go Diego Go OBSESSED and keep asking for Diego pants. I might have to go find Diego underpants somewhere before I have a riot on my hands.

Finally, it also comes down to the cost of the nappies. I have twins… this means everything is paid for x 2. There are no hand me downs from an older sibling, no 3 year gap between having to add new expenses for a second child. Cost matters! I am very happy with the quality of Huggies and look forward to using them, it is an added bonus that they are cheaper than Pampers.




7 thoughts on “Potty training – Pampers vs Huggies

  1. Good Luck with the potty training. It is a trying time. We have mostly won the battle and used Pampers exclusively right to the end, just found the Huggies too hard by comparison.

    In the end we found that if we stopped the pull-ups completely the number of accidents drastically reduced. I think the nappies just confused them completely, now I am pleased to say that other than a terrible episode of diarrhoea we have had NO poo accidents for about 4 months and are dry nights, wee accidents still happen when they get too distracted or when they are being stubborn and refusing to go to the toilet!

    And the money saving not having to buy nappies at all is just bliss.

    Good luck!

    • Yes… we are almost entirely not using pull ups except when we are out and about or in the car. L is not quute at the point where he can hold and needs to go when he needs to go. M is almost off nappies completely.

      The Huggies pull up actually made it through the night last night without a leak which the Pampers never does.

      I don’t find them much harder at all????

      Can’t wait for nappies to be a thing of the past.

  2. With the help of crèche Little M has been off the nappy since the beginning of March. Before we even started potty training he woke up dry in the morning. That gave me confirmation that he was ready. The crèche advised that he wears underpants from the start. It went better then I thought it would. Accidents occurred twice a month at most, not at all anymore. I’ve only twice had to deal with poo undies but it wasn’t so bad (just dump it in the toilet and ‘hose’ him and underpants off in the shower).

    At first I took him to the toilet every hour or so depending on his fluid intake because he wouldn’t say he wanted to go.
    I knew that he poos only before or after crèche therefore I would take him to toilet immediately upon waking up and then put on a nappy to poo, thereafter replace nappy with underpants. Now that its been 3 months already he tells me that he needs to pee. When going out e.g. to the mall I take him before we leave and upon arrival at mall and then again before we leave (or after eating). He still however insists on a nappy for poos, thankfully he tells me or his ma, ‘put nappy on’ before he seeks privacy in his room or behind a couch to do his deed. He is terrified of pooping on the toilet. I’ll wait till summer again to cross that milestone but I am over the moon at the amount of money we’re saving on nappies!

    • I love it. We still have wet nappies at night. Both boys only wear undies at school but it is a bit difficult to gauge when the boys actually need the loo for a poo because it has become a game and they will say they need to poo when they don’t because it is an awesome delay tactic it the don’t want to eat/bath/sleep/go to school….

      We were supposed to potty train at school earlier in the year but they potty train in stages so they can focus on each kids. The group before ours took extra long and we were at the beginning of winter which made it a bit slower as they weren’t able to run around pantsless. M is definitely ready to drop all nappies, L not yet.

  3. PS even though he’s dry every single morning, I still put a nappy on with his pj’s cos I simply cannot deal with a wee mess before I have to leave for work. Not ready for that commitment just yet.

  4. I am so thrilled to see you blogging regularly again! One thing I can tell you – pull ups are a ploy to keep kids in nappies longer. But if you only use them like you do once in a while I guess its fine. We had huge issues to get L potty trained (no 2) and the first thing the play therapist said to us was “Pull ups are from the devil” No more! Apparently the message gets mumbled by the ambiguous nature – ie not pants and not nappy. So what is the message?

    That all being said – what works for one, works for one.

    • Yes… I agree. I am also a lazy parent so I fall back on pull ups when I am busy (cooking dinner, trying to get dressed) or don’t have the attention to read my kids’ cues.

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