Play dough recipe


I adapted this fabulous play dough recipe from The Deliberate Mom my first attempt was a little too dry so I added an extra half a cup of water which gave a much better consistency.

Aromatherapy Play Dough

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 Tbsp. cream of tartar
2 Tbsp. mineral oil (or baby oil)
2.5 cups water
Food colouring (for vivid colour use about 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle)
10 drops of essential oil in either lavender or chamomile

Mix dry ingredients in a large pot.
Mix water, oil and food colouring thoroughly and stir into the dry
Stir constantly over medium heat until mixture thickens.
When you find it difficult to turn your wooden spoon, it is done. I found that it formed a ball around the spoon.
Remove from heat.
Cool slightly, then knead.
And essential oil to the dough while kneeding.
Store in a covered container or in a sealed plastic bag.

Don’t put this dough in the refrigerator!


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