Blog relaunch

Hi there friends, it been a while!

Well I wish I had a good excuse for being away but really all I can say is that I was caught up in life. It happens to the best of us.

I also had to take some time out to think about where I wanted to go with this blog, and frankly the overshare-about-my-personal-life format wasn’t really working for me. So it is time for a change! Now I could either delete my existing blog and start afresh or take the existing FM blog and give it a little shake up. Is it silly that I am sentimental about my blog and can’t bear to erase it from cyberspace?

From now on I will be focussing on quick, easy recipes for big and little people. These will include all the tried and tested favourites as well as any experimentation and kitchen alchemy I might try. I hope you will all enjoy this new direction dear friends.

Love and cookies,

Fabulous Mommy


8 thoughts on “Blog relaunch

      • It’s insane – Luan turned 2 in Aug. It feels like yesterday that I was praying for the IF to work! What a journey, hey Beth? Anyhow can’t wait to see what you are planning as I am running out of ideas πŸ˜‰

  1. Every month or so kept on checking if you back online – glad you are back! Look forward to some easy peasy recipes that a non-cooker like me can use

    • Hi hun. Yeah I am not the best with upkeeping my online presence right now. You can find me on instagram @fabulousmommyblog which I am posting to kinda regularly.

      I am also struggling with pigeonholing my blog as just a food blog when I am excited about getting creative in other areas at the moment. Arg! Damn this whole confusing online presence thing.

      Bear with me okay?

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