Is Oscar Pistorius guilty?

It is a question that everyone seems to be asking. It doesn’t matter where I turn the story of Oscar Pistorius shooting Reeva Steenkamp is everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, the radio, newspaper headlines… the public has gone dilly with opinions on what happened.

I have been following the story to pass on info to a friend overseas. Following in much the same way a floating leaf follows the flow of river. You can’t help but get caught up in the story. Everywhere you turn is more info about what happened the night of February 14th.

If the state prosecution is to believed Oscar is a cold blooded murder. Oscar and his defence would like us to believe that it was just a horrible, tragic accident. Somewhere in there is the truth and I don’t envy the judge who ends up presiding over this case. The bail application hearing has been a deluge of information and forensics, the trial hasn’t even started yet.

With all of this playing out in the media I can’t help to think that despite the fact that Oscar is yet to stand trial, the media has judged him and found him guilty. There have been reports that seem to be incorrect, like the bloodied cricket bat, and selective interviewing of people to prove that Oscar has anger issues. Trial by public opinion and Oscar has been found guilty. I’ve watched as people change their minds back and forth as new evidence is presented during the bail application. Guilty, not guilty, guilty, not guilty, guilty… guilty. The overwhelming public sentiment seems to swing back to guilty more than not.

Why are we all so fascinated by this story? Are we really a society of drama-obsessed voyeurs?

The story with Oscar though has an added dimension. This story has rocked the very psyche of the nation and left everyone feeling betrayed because we trusted, celebrated, rejoiced. Oscar was our hero, the Blade-runner who made the world sit up and watch by having the sheer chutzpah to run against able bodied athletes in the Olympics. How could he betray us all by doing something so stupid, so base, so human? All of this coming at a time when everyone is so angry and worked up about gender based violence after the rape and murder of Anene Booysens.

I wish people on Twitter, Facebook, on the radio and the reporters writing the newspaper headlines would remember one thing about this horrible situation; Oscar Pistorius is innocent until such time as a court of law finds otherwise and none of us know all the facts, so we should refrain from tarring and feathering him as a murderer.


7 thoughts on “Is Oscar Pistorius guilty?

  1. i’m going to tweet out this post for later. i was hoping you’d write your take on it. i tell you, i thought he was guilty when they started talking about the bat. but, then yesterday when his defense / affadavit (sp?) was read here, i started to think otherwise. i think he made a horrible, horrible mistake, which is what happens when guns are in the house and your making half asleep, paranoid decisions…it’s a very very sad case regardless. and thank you for sending me the stuff you are. i’ve read all of it. and it’s refreshing to see the news stories from SA to compare them to what is said here. much love, sm

  2. I am just feeling sick to the stomach when I read all the negative and horrible things people say at the bottom of the news articles. There are so much hate and it is almost as if some people really enjoy Oscar’s fall. It is just such a sad situation. There are no winners in this case. I am still really hoping that it was just a really bad judgement call on Oscar’s side, but even then, it will not bring Reeva back and nothing will really ever be the same for Oscar.

  3. I couldn’t agree more.
    Innocent till proven guilty! Exactly.
    Although I must admit, I really don’t want to believe that our hero is a cold blooded murder, perhaps I’m naive but until such time as he is or isn’t found guilty, I just can’t believe any of it.

  4. I am following it and really finding the legalities of it all fascinating. I started studying law and it is still very much where my heart lies – so from that point of view I am riveted. After reading his affidavit I don’t think it is so much is he guilty – because he admits to shooting her but rather now the question remains – why? I pass no judgement – I am just interested to see how his defence try and get him off – which is their job!

  5. Everyone said his girlfriend was a wonderful wonderful person.
    Oscar Pistorius live with no legs.
    This tells he has a strong mind will
    and convictions.
    A man with no legs cannot run cannot fight another man.
    He is obviously at a disadvantage.
    he heard a noise and Immediately Shot to the defend his legless body.
    it is easy to imagine his state of mind being that he had no legs to fight
    with to run with to defend his girlfriend with.
    Why would this kind of man kill this kind of girl? I believe it was a horrible accident I believe the man is innocence.

    e shot

    I mean and immediately ( I’m on my phone excuse mistakes

  6. Hear hear! I think we are so obsessed by this cause we actually still believe in the good in people, I cant imagine that he would have done this on purpose. Unfortunately some people judge and crucify with every detail (sometimes incorrect as the bat!) that becomes public.

    Its sad, very sad, I for one still hope my believe in the goodness of mankind is not for naught…

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