Bubbles, bubbles, BUBBLES!

One of my favourite things about the boys turning one and being able to play in the bath is BUBBLE BATHS!

I am an unashamed bubble bath addict and being able to share the joy with kids is without a doubt one of the best awesome moments in parenting.

Here is a little review of some of the different bubble baths I’ve tried.


The best and definite winner:

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Bubble Bath


What I love about pure beginnings is that it is 100% natural, not tested on animals, and it smells amazing. Something that is really important to me with two very busy boys in the bath is that it doesn’t leave the bath slippery and the boys can play without slipping and falling. Trying to keep the boys seated in the bath is a battle and I tell them to sit easily 20 times each at every bath. Then there is the added awesomeness that the bubbles don’t all disappear when you put soap in the water. These bubbles just last and last and last!

It is also organic and made in SA!

Since we bought this I haven’t used any other bubble bath and the other bottles are left half full.


Woolworths Bubble Trouble


The smell of this bubble bath takes me back to my childhood. The label says tropical but really it is the perfect mix of nostalgia; Chappies bubblegum and cocopine. I swear I could leave the bottle open just for the smell. It is a good bubble bath and makes lots of bubbles that last long enough for the boys to get pruney. This bubble bath cleans while they play so you don’t even need to soap them down they just get clean magically.


Elizabeth Anne’s Not A Baby Bubble Bath


I bought this because it is made especially for toddlers and I love Elizabeth Anne’s but it was disappointing. The granadilla scent was very sharp and the bubbles disappear quickly. You really have to use a lot of the product to get any sort of bubbling and then 2 minutes later the bubbles are gone.


Therific Kiddy-Calm

These bath salts are sold as foaming bath crystals and on the foaming front it creates hardly any bubbles, but (and this is a huge BUT) this is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite kiddy bath products ever. I use it every night! So although it strikes out on the bubble front it is definitely a 5 star product. Kiddy Calm has single-handedly helped my boys almost sleep through. While using Kiddy-Calm I noticed a huge improvement in the boys’ sleeping patterns. They went from waking 2-3 times a night each to each having slept through (not at the same time yet) and me having to go help a crying baby maybe once or twice a night. I feel like a new person. I thought it might be coincidence so i stopped using it for a couple nights and the difference was undeniable.

Also the apple scent is delicious! Kiddy-Calm comes in lots of different flavours and they make adult bath crystals too.


10 thoughts on “Bubbles, bubbles, BUBBLES!

  1. Aaargh sorry only now saw you gave a link 🙂 soz…doing sleeptraining and little boy blue is screaming murder at the moment so my attention is half divided!

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