A twins essentials baby list

Want to know what to buy when expecting twins?

This is my essentials list for twins. I focussed mostly on the items you really need and left the nice to have/luxuries to a minimum. I combined the Layette list and various other lists from other twin and singleton moms.

The items marked with a star are must haves.

Luckily newborns don’t require all that much stuff, just a place to sleep, something to keep them warm, something to catch poop and mom’s boob. Babies are as expensive as you are willing to pay for convenience. I tried to cut down on unneccessary expenses. Luckily family and friends get caught up in the excitement of twins and can very generously kit you out with almost everything you need.

I updated the list as I saw what we used or didn’t use so it should be a fairly good list of what to buy when expecting twins. Obviously every parent is different and we all find our own preferences so please feel free to leave a comment about what you found worked well or was a waste of time for you.

baby list

Here is also a list for what to pack into you own hospital bag which should be packed from 28 weeks onwards.

mom hospital bag


6 thoughts on “A twins essentials baby list

  1. PS I also have the caboodle bag (one strap across chest type) its so versatile and durable I actually plan to use it as his creche bag. Thanks for the list, even useful for a signleton.

    • Well babies are babies and the essentials are the same whether you have one or many. There are just a few things that really make life easier when you have twins that aren’t neccessary for a singleton. And with a singleton there are a few more luxuries that you can afford.

      Twins are bloody expensive.

  2. Bookmarking the shit out of this! Also, saved to my hard drive.
    Thanks for the heads up. You’re awesome!
    PS. The boys look like they had an awesome time on their road trip.

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