Travelling tips from Pampers

Firstly happy 2013! Hope you are all refreshed and ready for the new year.

Sorry for the silence on my blog, but twins and no nanny meant that I was exhausted and didn’t have time to blog. I’m back and will hopefully be blogging more often this year.

The wonderful people at Pampers sent me these fabulous tips for travelling with a new baby. I found them very helpful with our trip down to the coast this holiday.


Travel Tips for Baby

For many couples, December is about packing bags and heading off to a beautiful destination to relax, rejuvenate and recover from a year filled with the usual comings and goings of a busy life. If, however, you’ve just had a baby or a toddler is a member of your household, you may feel hesitant about booking that accommodation. The good news is that according to the expert panellists of the Pampers® Institute, travelling with baby this festive season needn’t turn into a stressful ordeal.


On the road

If you’re travelling by car, Pampers® Institute member and leading paediatrician, Dr Hari recommends planning the trip around baby’s routine. “Try driving at night or early in the morning when baby is most likely to sleep. I also suggest sticking colourful pictures of babies or flowers to the back of the seat facing baby. A good baby car seat is essential to ensure safety.”

Renowned parenting expert and Pampers® Institute representative, Sister Lilian offers the following advice: “Long car journeys need to be broken frequently to take into account the short concentration span of your little ones and their need for movement. Also ensure that baby is not hungry when setting out, and avoid any foods that give unnatural energy highs like sweet or savoury treats and flavoured drinks.”


In the air

For baby’s first plane ride consider the following top tips suggested by paediatric nutritionist and Pampers® Institute expert, Claire McHugh:

  • Feed during take-off and landing:  babies can’t pop their ears, so it’s helpful to offer a bottle to ease this pressure.
  • Pack plenty of formula, bottles, food and enough water for bottles and cereal. If you’re nursing, stay well hydrated so that you produce enough milk throughout the flight.

“Flying with baby from a week or two after birth is possible if all is well with mom and baby. With that said, it is often advisable to wait for the first six weeks to give both mom and baby time to get to know each other well and adjust to their new life together, so that mom is quite comfortable handling baby. It is also a good idea to be sure that baby is well which is usually confirmed at the first check-up at 6 weeks.”

“It is important to treat any colds or blocked noses and upper respiratory or ear infections, as excessive mucus can increase the discomfort experienced from pressure in the ears on take-off and landing. Baby should not drink for between one and two hours before take-off, so that there is a strong urge to drink when in the plane to help equalise pressure,” adds Sister Lilian.


Travel Bag Checklist

Sister Lilian suggests the following essentials for your travel bag for car and plane travels:

ü  A bag of special little toys that are only used in the car. Make sure the same toy is not given on each journey

ü  Music that soothes both little ones and their parents

ü  Mobiles dangled from the roof of the car

ü  A bunch of keys and a magnet are very useful for fascinating older babies endlessly

ü  Older children respond well to recorded stories

ü  A change of clothes for inevitable spills and leaks

ü  Pampers® nappies and wipes

ü  Bottles and a non-spill cup

ü  A security item from home like a blanket (also for warmth as flights can be very cold)

ü  Rubbish bags

ü  Baby food utensils and cups

ü  Toys that baby hasn’t seen before

ü  A jacket and cap for small babies

ü  Healthy snacks like dried or fresh fruit

ü  A dummy for those who make use of one

Bon Voyage

Perhaps the best piece of advice put forward by the Pampers® Institute is to plan ahead. The experts recommend mentally working through your holiday plans as you pack so that you are prepared for every eventuality. Sunblock for the beach is as important as a good quality bucket and spade, while gloves and beanies will find their way into your suitcase if you picture your baby in colder climes. Whatever the weather may be, being prepared will ensure a happy stress-free holiday for mom, baby and indeed the entire family.


2 thoughts on “Travelling tips from Pampers

  1. We flew with LB to the Cape, the flight there was really bad he screamed the whole time and refused to suck on something. The flight back was a dream, besides the stinky poo he made on the runway, and we couldnt change him for 20 mins so we had to sit there and pretend we didnt smell anything :). The poor poor people around us!

    Glad you back on the blog block!

    • The fun part of babies is that you just can’t expect anything to be convenient. Poops alway happen at the most inopportune time! We are learning how to travel with kids because we sure you go on holiday a lot.

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