Christmas Shopping and a Giveaway

I found an absolute gem at Duncan Yard called Zoetlief Lein.

Duncan Yard is the “Parkhurst of Pretoria” and is filled with gorgeous little speciality lifestyle stores.

Zoetlief Lien is tucked away in a corner and at first glance seems rather unassuming but stepping through the door is like being transported into a magical wonderland of handmade goodies. Even better is the fact that all their stock is made by people with disabilities and thus creates employment opportunities. How awesome is that?

Just when you think it can’t get any better…you see their prices and everything is so reasonable. I bought myself a leather sling handbag for R120, made from reclaimed leather scraps.

I think I single-handedly bought their entire stock of felt heart pegs to use on my Christmas presents as decorations instead of the usual ribbons and such.

My favourite find in the shop were the “Husse met lang ore”. They are too cute!

Each hus is about 30cm tall and made out of felt and cotton. They are so cute and cuddly. I bought one each for my boys to go into their Chrismas stockings, and one for my nephew too.

I am so enamoured of these cute little stuffed toys that I am giving one away to a lucky reader.

So here is the deal:

If you want your very own Hus please leave a comment with the colour (red or pink) that you would prefer and tell me what you would name it.

Follow my blog.

Like Employment Soloutions / Zoetlief Lein on Facebook.

For an extra entry, tweet “Win a handmade stuffed toy from Zoetlief Lein at @AraliaSA”

The competition is only for people in the RSA.

The winner will be chosen by on Fri 14 Dec 2012.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping and a Giveaway

  1. Oh my word the husse are ADORABLE! My girls would LOVE one! The pink one with the green heart on its tummy would match their room beautifully. A name… I think I’d name her Twinkle.

  2. I love stores like this! And the husse are so cute! DH loves to give the answer “husse” to many questions so it would becool to have a red one! I think I would name it, Agie, like in nuuskierige agie…

  3. Oh they are really cute. If it were up to me I’d name it Hester…as in Hester Hus. But Nicola would probable call it Barbie – it’s her default name at the moment for everything. (pink…again I would pick red, but she’d definitely go for pink).

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