Dear Santa…

Charlotte from The Stiletto Mom has been amazing and organised a blogger secret Santa. About 100 people are taking part. Soon we will be getting our name of who we’ll be getting a pressie for and I am so excited I could pop.

Dear Secret Santa

Here is the low down on the fabness that is me.

Once upon a time I had free time and in that free time I liked to read. Reading is one of my true pleasures in life, anything with pages and I’m happy. I prefer epic fantasy novels but I will read absolutely anything. We joined and have bought a whole bunch of audiobooks which we listen to after the boys are asleep and we are doing housework.

I also love food. Eating it, cooking it, talking about it. I love kitchen gadgets. I have a draw full of bits and bobs. Some are well used favourites like my lemon zester and my parmisan grater, others are complete white elephants like the mini mandolin for garlic and that stupid spiral cutter that seems like a good idea in theory but never really works properly or leaves your food looking like a 70’s kitch explosion. I seldom use recipes and mostly make them up as I go along unless I’m looking for something specific in which case I turn to google. Baking is my newest favourite hobby. We have a baker’s speciality store close to our house that is enough to make me dream of cupcakes and cake pops all night. I can’t wait to start trying my hand at decorating with fondant and fancy cutters.

In the distant past I was a very artistic and crafty person. I haven’t had much time to work on projects for a while as I’m in the last stages of completing my master’s degree and working my tail off to get it done by the end of the year, add to that being a twin mommy and there is little time for fun stuff at the moment. I’m still wanting to do a scrapbook for the boys first year and am nowhere near starting even though the boys are a year old.

I love scarves, and seldom wear jewellery other than necklaces. Dear Wife got me a beautiful pearl ring and matching earrings so I might have to start dressing up more often to have an occasion to wear them.

Following how other ladies have done their wish lists here is some things I would like:
Any kitchen gadgets especially for baking
Anything handmade by my secret Santa
Dark chocolate
A book (but please not 50 Shades or Twilight)
A cook book
I seldom use body products of any kind but when I do I like more spicy or earthy scents like sandalwood, almond and cinnamon. I prefer body wash or scent spray, I never use hand creams.
Something to keep my twins from pulling the toilet paper off the roll. Has something like that been invented yet? I hope so because it is driving me nuts.
Wind chimes
A hat for the beach preferably black and white
Jewelry: brooches in any colour especially felt, wood, clay, perspex
I love quirky things so anything from Big Blue, The Space or Poetry is good.
Seeds for my garden, veggies and herbs. Especially if you can find heirloom seeds.
I love discovering new things so if you want to add something that is your favourite of anything please do.
I also love art and photography so if you are arty, something to hang on the wall would also be great.

Hope this helps Secret Santa.

Fab Mom


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