Poor me

Fabulous mommy is not freeling very fabulous. Mommy is sick. Babies are sick. Angel Nanny is on leave for  week.

Not much is happening in the Fabulous household. Poor Dear Wife is working her tail off keeping the house running. Thank goodness that she isn’t sick too.


Will update with party plans when life is back to normal.



13 thoughts on “Poor me

  1. Hi, i read your post on MS on the fertilicare forum.
    My mum also has MS for over 20 years, she is getting progressively worse.
    How can i get in touch with you to get more info on CCSVI and who to speak to in JHB about this.

      • Thank you so much, i will get in contact with her right now.
        It really is a horrid disease. It is very difficult to see my mum going downhill.

      • I hope so too, sorry to bother you again, do you have any idea if your mum received my message? If she has not gone on to facebook please can you ask her to do so? My mum had a fall last night and I had to pick her up off the floor, really makes my heart sore.

      • I spoke to my mom and she sent you a message with her phone number. You can get in contact with her. If you haven’t got the message let me know and I will pass your gmail address (that you used to register for coments) on to her.

      • Sorry i haven’t received a message from her. Yes please give her my email address. Thank you so much for all your help, i really appreciate it.

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