10 (and a half) Month Update

Don’t you just hate it when you type out a post and something happens which wipes out the entire thing before you can save or hit publish? Yeah, that.

Our 10 month update is a little late. Unfortunately Dear Wife brought back a lovely cold from Cape Town which had us all sick for the better part of a week. Also things are really starting to move with my research study so I have been working on that too, alas my blog will not get updated as often as I like over the next little while. Please bear with me.

So back to the boys.

I have been slack and haven’t taken the twins for their 9 month measles vaccinations. I must take them sometime this week. I’m dreading it, although I know it is worse for mom than it is for the boys. I’m feeling rather unfabulous about leaving it so late. Update: took them last week and it was a non-event. They each cried for about 3 seconds and then they were happy again. They are 100% fine.

Lion Cub has become such a loving, sweet and happy little boy. My goodness does he give such beautiful smiles. I love his gentle soul, it really brings me such joy.

Monkey is such a busy boy. He is forever climbing on something or getting into something. He is such a mommy’s boy. He’ll go off to place the come back for a quick cuddle and then go off to play again. I love how affectionate he is and can’t get enough of his big open-mouth kisses.

Lion Cub has his two bottom teeth and Monkey finally cut his first tooth. I am a bit worried that they are teething a little slowly but then their cousin still didn’t have teeth at a year old. I just get mommy anxiety when I meet babies a month younger with 6 or more teeth.

Both boys are crawling and cruising well. Both can almost stand unassisted and have managed to stay standing for a few seconds. Thankfully the falls have decreased and now we only have a hard bump once a week or so as opposed to twice a day. I am a little concerned that Lion Cub has just never gotten the hang of rolling over. He is little a little tortoise who has gotten knocked on its shell and has its little legs waving in the air. I think I need to help him practice rolling over. If he doesn’t get it right i’ll discuss it with our paediatrician.

The boys are eating so well. I really have no complaints about their appetites or eating habits.

Their sleep is still crap. It is improving little by little and we have had a few nights where they have only woken me 3 times between 11pm and 5am, which is a darn side better than every hour. Dear Wife takes over from 5am and that let’s me get some uninterrupted sleep which is heaven. I am working towards dropping their 11pm bottle. I am so used to getting up (or staying up actually) to give them their bottle it almost feels strange to be dropping their last night time bottle. Is 10/11 months the right time to drop the bottle? The literature I’ve read says yes but I’m just not sure.

The boys haven’t really progressed much on the talking front. They babble a lot but don’t really use any recognisable words. They say Mama, da! da!, baba, make clicking and lip smacking noises, but none of it seems to really be directed at us or used in any sort of context.

I’m really enjoying how interactive the boys have gotten. They are so much fun to play with now. Our favourite game is “let’s jump on mommy”, I lie on the floor and they climb all over me and stick their fingers in my mouth then squeal when I nibble on them. Monkey gives zerbets on any piece of exposed flesh which is too precious.

The plans for their birthday party are in full swing. I am so excited. I can’t wait for November. It is going to be great.


8 thoughts on “10 (and a half) Month Update

    • I know, they are growing up so fast. I kind of wish I could just pause them as they are for a little while. I’m loving this age and I’m kind of sad to see my babies getting so big and turning into little boys. On the other hand I’m so excited to see these little people develop and grow. I can’t believe how quickly time flies with babies.

  1. What a fun update! They have such little personalities!

    Baby G’s latest fun game is also to climb all over me.

    I must say Baby G’s measels vaccination was also a non event – he aso just cried a few seconds and no side effects.

  2. They are so adorable!

    I am aiming on dropping the night time feed when they are on a full protein diet, which will probably be happining with in the next month. It scares me as well! Will be very weird.

    • My boys have been eating protein for a while now. L often skips his bottle but M wakes between 10:30 and 11:30pm without fail. We are now down to 4 scoops of formula in 150ml water and tonight i’ll drop it to 3 scoops.

      I have no idea why I am so hesitant about dropping the night feed. It feels so silly.

      • You are not silly, I think it is perfectly normal, it’s a crutch really and a good dose of not wanting to have sleepless nights from a hungry baby! I keep on moving it further away in my mind. After this and then after that….hee hee!

      • My boys don’t sleep well with or without their bottle. They are generally bad sleepers. I’m still getting up 4-5 x a night.

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