Swimming lessons

Swimming Babies

Swimming Babies

We have started swimming lessons and let me tell you it is such fun.

I was looking for an activity to do with the boys and was contemplating Clamber Club or something like that. I saw a sign of baby swimming lessons on a street pole and thus found Froggie Swim School.

We have been going for 3 weeks now and the boys are loving it. The instructor has a bunch of very clever exercises to build muscle memory and promote pool safety. The boys learn to get into the pool safely, how to hold onto the side of the pool, how to climb out, how to move their arms and kick with their legs.

Angel Nanny goes swimming with us because the boys didn’t react well to being held by a stranger in an unfamiliar environment. Now a few weeks later the boys don’t mind swimming with the instructor.

The instructor is lovely. She has songs that she sings for each exercise and she has a helper who the boys love, he is a green plastic crocodile called Percy.

Tue boys have gone from being rigid and clinging onto me for dear life to actively kicking their legs and moving their arm while laughing and smiling. They have even had their faces under the water without any problems.

The pool is indoors and heated to 33’C which is really comfy. It is almost warm enough to be a bath. LOL

I’m really enjoying the swimming lessons and it is great doing something fun with the boys that they really enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Swimming lessons

  1. How nice! Not only is it fun, but here in SA it is a very good thing to teach your LO’s pool safety at a very young age. Fortunately my MIL has an indoor heated pool and is a qualified swimming instructor for babies, so we get that for free. I’m thinking of enrolling baby G for music lessons, as I got a recommendation for a very good place that stimulates the LO’s incredibly.

    • I would love to do kindermusik as well but I’m also cautious of not booking too many activities I think they can get over stimulated. Maybe in winter we can move over to music lessons too, although they really love the swimming. I also have to weigh up the costs of extra activities because with twins it gets expensive fast.

      Hmm it is a conundrum.

  2. That’s awesome. I used to go to the lessons sometimes with my nephews and they absolutely loved it. It’s a required skill when you live in climates like ours and it’s a great experience to have together while they still have no fear. My nephews are excellent swimmers now and I have no fears about their safety while in the pool. They’re also very helpful to other kids that aren’t as good at swimming and it’s cute to watch them teach the other kids the techniques they have learnt and still use.

    • Swimming with the boys is such fun. I think it is so important to start young with teaching babies how to swim and how to be safe in the pool. It doesn’t matter how many precautions you have with nets and pool fences, the best safety precaution is having a baby/child who can get to the side of the pool and climb out themselves.

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