To the person who found my blog by searching…

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“Do you think gay and lesbian learners should be allowed to bring same sex partners to a school function such as matric dance?”

Why yes, I do. As a matter of fact I think in this day and age it should really be a non-issue.

I don’t see any reason why a person shouldn’t invite whoever they want to accompany them to school functions. Hell if I had been dating a girl in matric I would have invited her to come to the dance with me. As it stands I didn’t know I was lesbian at that point and instead invited a guy friend, who was an absolute gentleman and ferried my drunk ass all over Joburg. Finally he dropped me at home at 8am and went home with my friend’s male date. I so didn’t expect that.

I do wish that I had figured out that I was lesbian earlier in my life. That said, there were a lot of “lesbian” girls when I was at school who are happily married to guys now, and a lot of “straight” girls who ended up married to girls. Most of the gay guys are still gay with only one exception that I know of.

I definitely think experimenting with gender identity and sexual preference is a natural part of your teenage years. I really don’t think that it matters whether a young adult identifies as any part of the LGBTI spectrum, if they feel happy, comfortable, compelled to share their celebration with another person no matter their gender then good for them.

The rights of the LGBTI communities are constitutionally protected so why not allow these young adults the freedom to explore their identity without judgement or resistance from their school. No amount of discouragement from a school or any other authority figure will stop this natural exploration. All it will accomplish is rebellion.


8 thoughts on “To the person who found my blog by searching…

    • Thanks LM. I think the whole gay rights argument back and forth is actually quite silly. In 100 years we will be looking back and shaking our heads at how backward society was. Although look how racism has persisted even though so much has been done to change peoples perceptions so perhaps my view is a bit utopian.

    • Thanks hun. Luckily I don’t have to deal with them often and as such I can keep my positive and sunny attitude easily.

      It helps that there are awesome people like you out there to balance out the idiots.

  1. I cannot believe that there are still issues about this? MY special evening, MY choice who to bring with, right? In 1995, my matric dance, I took a coloured friend with me (one of the surfer-gang – yes, I hung out with THOSE guys!) and I’ll never forget the looks and throat-clearings I got. But Terry was a good pal and I wanted no romantic hassles in the evening.

    • It’s funny how the world changes with time yet some things stay an issue. I hope I will see the end of racism and homophobia in my lifetime.

  2. I don’t get it, what if a gang of 6 friends came together in a limo, who would know who’s with who? And darn it, who cares? Let the kids enjoy their night, not like they’re coming in with a bottle of Jack Daniels or a splif for crying out loud

    • Too true Mogispie. I suppose as long as there are people who believe their world view is the only way, there will be people who ask questions like these.

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