Antidepressants and vitamins

I recently wrote about how I was feeling off even though I am taking antidepressants. Well here is a little update. I’m feeling much better. The solution was simple enough…remember to take my vitamins.

I am in the alternative and complementary healthcare field and I should know better. For goodness sake how many time have I recommended that people take supplements when stressed and suffering from low mood. The effect of Omega 3 and B vitamins is known to help with stress.

I was in a vicious circle. I was tired because I got to bed too late. Because I was late to bed I was too tired to count out all Dear Wife’s and my pills. Because I wasn’t taking my usual vitamin supplements I was tired. And so on.

I have often wondered if vitamins really make any difference at all. There is such a huge discrepancy between the quality of various products on the market. Some work much better than others, or so the marketing says.

Well I can definitely say that taking a multi-vitamin really has made a difference for me. I no longer feel flat and tired. My memory is improving and my overall mood has definitely evened out. I’m am feeling more normal.

I’m so glad the fix for my problem was a minor adjustment.

If I notice my mood deteriorate again I will definitely go see a psychiatrist.


12 thoughts on “Antidepressants and vitamins

  1. Good to know! I can’t believe I am even considering this but I think I will be encapsulating my placenta post birth. I have read it does amazing things for depression and energy levels. I have never had depression issues but my mom had major ppd and given something crazy like 60% of people get ppd post fertility treatments I will take any potential help I can get!

    • I have only ever hear of this, I’m not sure if it is done here in SA. I can definitely recommend that you take a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for breastfeeding women. Don’t forget a fish or krill oil Omega 3. I don’t know if you get Schelen Berry Elixir in the US but if you do it is a great tonic.

      I tried everything to deal with PPD but eventually drugs were the solution. I wonder why IVF has such high rates of PPD? I know all the hormones played havoc on me. And I was on progesterone for about 80% of my pregnancy. I’m sure that all has something to do with it.

  2. I wish I could take vitamins, but they give me such headaches. I’ve been through the lot of them and have yet to find one that doesn’t give me a headache! Aaargh!

      • Where would I find these? My system is REALLY run down and I just know I need something!!!! I don’t eat red meat (or eggs, really), but I do eat chicken, fish and pork. So my iron levels are most likely dismal…
        I stood in Clicks last weekend and was so COMPLETELY overwhelmed by what is out there in terms of vitamins, that I turned and FLED!!!

      • You can get them at Dischem, wellness warehouse and a few other pharmacies. Just ask the assistant for Foodstate and they should be able to direct you.

        Their multivitamin and mineral is good. You could also add extra iron and molybdenum if you struggle with iron levels.

        If you are feeling run down you can try their Optimism and Joy formula instead of a multivit for a month or two just to give you a boost. It has extra B vitamins and a couple extra goodies to help combat exhaustion.

  3. Good to hear you are feeling better. My vitamins ran out about 3 days ago and I have not had time to buy new, and have been feeling exhausted! I thought it was because of our visitors but maybe it is the vitamins?!

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