One of those weeks

This post is late…I started typing it and saved it to drafts and just didn’t have time to finish it.

So sorry for being quiet over the last week. It was one of THOSE weeks. Angel Nanny had to take leave on Monday because her sister-in-law passed away. Tuesday was spent tying up a few last lose ends for my research proposal. Wednesday I had to do some grocery shopping. Thursday was a public holiday, Dear Wife and I had a wonderful day together. Friday Angel Nanny took a leave day (which she had organised with us ages ago). So two days of being home alone with the boys meant that very little else got done.

Weekends tend to be rather busy. This weekend we went to celebrate my granny’s birthday. She is 81! My goodness time has flown. I spent a large part of my childhood living with my grandparents. It is really hard to watch them grow old and frail. I know my time left with them is limited and running out quickly, it leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine a world without them in it.

My sister book a photoshoot with the awesome Tanya for my Granny’s birthday. We all got together for family photos. Four generations together. The process of posed photos with the boys was exhausting, but since Granny has to be hooked up to an oxygen machine permanently there wasn’t a chance for the usual spontaneous photography that Tanya usually does.

For some reason my mood has been in steady decline over the last few weeks. At first I thought it was just PMS, but that wasn’t it and I’m getting to the point of wondering if my antideps have stopped working. Is that possible?

I have so many blog post that I want to type and am really struggling to find the time and energy.

You can look forward too:
A great recipe for baby macaroni cheese with tomato sauce,
The boys 9 month update,
Another instalment of Operation Makeover, and
Party plans for the boys’ first birthday.


6 thoughts on “One of those weeks

  1. Looking forward to the posts – especially the party plans. Can’t wait to see what you’ll cook up 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. Hope you start to feel better soon. Good luck at the doc’s

    • I keep vacillating between whether I should go to the doc or not. It is a guessing game of am I feeling crap enough to go to the doc or will it get better if I just hang on a bit? I don’t know…

      I’m running ideasnpast Dear Wife but nothing jumps out just yet.

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