Yummy chocolate pudding for babies

I made this for my boys as a snack today. The boys nearly started a riot because I couldn’t feed it to them fast enough. It is a simple, delicious and healthy treat.

Yield: enough for both boys, although I’m sure they would have eaten more if there was.

1 ripe banana
3 tablespoons double thick Greek yoghurt
1 heaped teaspoon smooth peanut butter
1/2 tsp 100% cocoa powder
1/2 honey or xylitol to sweeten (if neccisary)

Blend all ingredients together with a hand blender until smooth. Only add honey/xylitol if the banana isn’t nice and ripe, otherwise it should be plenty sweet enough.

I prefer to use xylitol to sweeten things instead of sugar as it protects little teeth from cavities and it isn’t horrible like artificial sweetners.

Quick, easy and so yummy you’ll want to eat it yourself.


Twin Tip #1 – Colour coding

When you have newborn twins, as a first time mom it is normal to be a bit crazy with sterilising everything and trying to prevent dummies and bottles from getting mixed up. The bottles are the important one as it becomes the most important thing in your world to know who drank how much, and who pooped how many times today.

How we did it was we assigned a colour range to each baby. Monkey got all the red, orange and yellow stuff. Lion Cub’s things were blue, green and purple. This worked out fantastically as you could tell who’s dummy was who’s at a glance.

When we started giving the boys bottles they refused to drink from Nuk bottles (which are fabulous for colour coding as they come in every colour of the rainbow) and would only drink from Tommee Tippee bottles which, sadly, only come in clear, pink and blue. The coloured TT bottles are pricey and only come two in a box. We bought the plain clear bottles and then I tied a piece of ribbon around the middle of each. Blue for LC and orange for M.

This colour coding was great for in the beginning when we were too tired and frazzled to even think about simple things.

I remember changing one boy and then staring at his brother and trying to remember if I had changed him yet. Or even better yet, having a baby half naked on the changing mat and not being able to remember if I had changed his nappy yet or not.

Anything you can do to avoid having to think or remember anything is a win.

Four months until the boys’ birthday


It is only 4 months until the boys first birthday and I have no idea of what to do as far as a party for them is concerned.

I don’t even know where to begin. It is rather intimidating.

Part of me wants to go mad with helium balloons and cupcakes, but another part of me says that I shouldn’t go overboard since they won’t remember it and the party is more for me than them.

I am looking for fun and creative ideas that will be easy on the pocket but lots of fun for the boys.

We have a very small garden so I am thinking of looking for a venue to hold a party.

Any recommendations for party ideas, games or activities suitable for one year old boys?

Rebellion Night

Last night was rebellion night. Everyone warns you that on about night five there will be a rebellion night where it seems like everything you have done with regards to sleep training goes straight out the window.

I knew it would happen but, my goodness it was unpleasant. I was up with the boys every hour again and Lion Cub was awake for about an hour from about 3am onwards. Once he went to sleep Monkey woke up and was awake for the next hour and a half.

Today they seem no worse for wear and have been napping well.

Sleep training feels like a leap of faith. You are supposed to do these seemingly bizarre routines and rituals, and somehow your babies will suddenly start sleeping well. I was apprehensive as to how it would work, now a week later it is amazing how much better the boys are sleeping.

Angel Nanny and I both have so much more time in the day because we aren’t spending all day rocking babies to sleep and holding sleeping babies.

It really has worked. I can definitely recommend Tracey Hogg’s books for any mom who wants to get their children to sleep but doesn’t want to leave their baby/ies to cry-it-out.