Operation Makeover – the perfect red lipstick

Okay, I started writing this post and it very quickly degenerated into a pity-party whine fest. So I kicked myself in the ass, deleted what I wrote and started again.

Being a mom of twins is taxing. I’m feeling a little run down and tired. So I’ve decided it is time for a little TLC.

It all started today when I walked into Clicks and found some red lipstick on sale.

Now the perfect red lipstick is a mythical beast akin to the unicorn. Every beauty editor has told us mere mortals that it exists and has the magical ability to turn the dowdy, worn out mommy into a confident and sexy vamp faster than you can say Revlon.

I’m not a big make-up person. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up for a special occasion but I don’t pop on some lipstick and mascara as a matter of habit. Hell I seldom manage to shower or change out of my pyjamas unless I have to leave the house.

I have been browsing red lipsticks for years and let me tell you there are pitifully few on the market. There is a fruit salad of every shade from raisin and plum, to candyfloss and strawberry swirl. Nude pinks to electric shades that would make Boy George cringe. Beiges and browns. Oranges, bronzes and golds. Colours for summer or winter, classics and a la mode. With all this choice there is shockingly few bright, bold, luscious, sexy, luminous reds. At best most red lipsticks only qualify as reddish.

So imagine my delight when I found not one but three gorgeous shades of subtly different red. All on special.

Two from Rimmel Signature Red and Retro, and one from Max Factor (it is a brand only stocked by Clicks and I love their products) called Intensely Red. The signature and intensely have a slight blue undertone and the retro has an orange undertone. I couldn’t decide which would suit my skin tone better so I got all three.

And guess what all three look great on me! I think the Rimmel Signature Red will become my favourite.

A quick dash of lipstick and some mascara and I suddenly feel like a new person.


9 thoughts on “Operation Makeover – the perfect red lipstick

  1. I have never been able to wear lipstick; no matter what shade, I always felt like a clown. I can FEEL the stuff on my mouth and it freaks me out! So I always opt for lipgloss – in a nude shade.
    Having said that, a red lipstick with a blue undertone would be quite yummy!!

    • LM you would be amazed at how a little red lipstick can transform you. I suppose the trick is to find one that makes you feel sexy rather than clowny.

    • Project makeover is taking its time but we will get there eventually. It is crap feeling exhausted and dowdy. These first few months are anything but glamorous.

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