Photoshoot competition update.

I’ve dropped down to second place. 😦

I’m now 10 votes behind the leader.

The competition works that you can vote once per email address and once per device. So basically you can vote from your phone, PC and tablet.

Would you vote again for me if possible?

Beth Rosen

This is what I want to do with the photoshoot… (not Tanya’s work but you get the idea)

    And here are a few more photos that Tanya took…


6 thoughts on “Photoshoot competition update.

    • I love newborns…in photos. I didn’t really enjoy the reality though. So glad we are past that phase. I’m loving this age now. Isn’t it amazing watching your baby become a person?

      • Amazing… fascinating, words can’t describe. Their personalities, little attitudes i.e. “no I do NOT want to eat, leave me alone. I can keep my mouth tightly closed like this all day if I have to!”

        ‘Flirting’ with ladies at the mall…
        And that charming “Good morning mommy” smile. How can your heart not melt?
        I could go on and on *sigh*

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