Four months until the boys’ birthday


It is only 4 months until the boys first birthday and I have no idea of what to do as far as a party for them is concerned.

I don’t even know where to begin. It is rather intimidating.

Part of me wants to go mad with helium balloons and cupcakes, but another part of me says that I shouldn’t go overboard since they won’t remember it and the party is more for me than them.

I am looking for fun and creative ideas that will be easy on the pocket but lots of fun for the boys.

We have a very small garden so I am thinking of looking for a venue to hold a party.

Any recommendations for party ideas, games or activities suitable for one year old boys?


13 thoughts on “Four months until the boys’ birthday

  1. Wow, 1 year old already. I have a friend that does kiddies parties (tiptop parties)and she also knows of venues, so let me know if you want her details.

  2. I hear you, under 4 months and we are celebrating. I have decided a party at home is definitely on the cards and I am playing with some theme ideas, but like you I am trying to keep my enthusiasm under control because they won’t remember anything. I want the party to be fun for them and the rest just doesn’t matter. I am thinking of a bubble machine as I am sure they will love it and possibly hiring a ball pool and getting them a sand pit and all these things can be the source of fun on the day.

    My biggest problem is keeping the party numbers managable as I have so many special people I want to include in the celebration, but the more the merrier.

    My biggest concern is if we invite all these people the twins will get too spoilt as everyone seems to think they need to give two gifts, so any ideas on how to manage this welcome.

    Have tonnes of fun planning the party.

    • I know what you mean about the twins getting spoiled. How about requesting that people gift clothing or nappies instead of toys?

      I’m prepared to invite absolutely everyone for our boys party. More because it is one of the biggest and happiest celebrations of my life.

      Isn’t it amazing that we actually are talking about our twins first birthday parties Juanita! It makes me all bubbly inside.

  3. Hi

    Yes the first birthday party is more for the proud parents but no reason not to go wild!! Things I would have done in hindsight … definately a small cake for a cake smash, just for your boys do grab and smash and squish! They will love those plastic shells or even a small blow up pool filled with plastic balls. Emma sat in it for ever and giggled the whole time. Sandpit can work as well. Rent the decorations there is a brilliant place in Parktown, will think of the name. Lastly I can kick myself for not hiring a photographer, even if it was for an hour only! Enjoy planning!

    • I’m dying to do a cake smash photoshoot. As a matter of fact, if you would be so kind as to vote for me to win a photoshoot on my previous post, maybe I can get the photographer to do a cake smash shoot. Whoohoo! How exciting.

      I’m thinking of getting a bunch of big cardboad boxes and putting them out in a garden and letting the kids play in them. I might even add some paint for the older kids to decorate their boxes.


    Hey there, am celebrating my daughter’s first birthday next month and am in the middle of it all (read my post above). The party is for you, it’s been a new, exhausting, tough year for you too… so the first year is generally an important milestone and no harm in you wanting to celebrate it with all your friends and family (am guessing that you too would have had very limited time for socializing). You can check out my details on arrangements, even though we’re in different countries i am sure the basics are the same everywhere. regards, CC

    • Thanks so much. You have a pretty comprehensive list here. It’s good to have a place to start. Now to start planning!

      • Goodluck Fab Mom! Hats off to you for managing two beautiful boys and working on a party as well! glad my experience was of some help.

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