Rebellion Night

Last night was rebellion night. Everyone warns you that on about night five there will be a rebellion night where it seems like everything you have done with regards to sleep training goes straight out the window.

I knew it would happen but, my goodness it was unpleasant. I was up with the boys every hour again and Lion Cub was awake for about an hour from about 3am onwards. Once he went to sleep Monkey woke up and was awake for the next hour and a half.

Today they seem no worse for wear and have been napping well.

Sleep training feels like a leap of faith. You are supposed to do these seemingly bizarre routines and rituals, and somehow your babies will suddenly start sleeping well. I was apprehensive as to how it would work, now a week later it is amazing how much better the boys are sleeping.

Angel Nanny and I both have so much more time in the day because we aren’t spending all day rocking babies to sleep and holding sleeping babies.

It really has worked. I can definitely recommend Tracey Hogg’s books for any mom who wants to get their children to sleep but doesn’t want to leave their baby/ies to cry-it-out.


4 thoughts on “Rebellion Night

  1. Which Tracey Hogg book are you using? Luan has started waking up at night – very cheerful and in the mood for chatter and play. And I don’t believe in letting him cry it out – it goes against all my instincts.

    Glad you’re doing so well! xx

    • She has two books; the secrets of the baby whisperer, and the baby whisperer answers all your questions. There is also a lot of info on the baby whisperer forum but you have to have read to books first.

  2. Sounds like you are winning. I have no problems to speak of with Kyra at night. But day times are a hassle, not that it is a huge problem because at least we sleep well at night. But do you think that book would help for day time?

    • We went from 4 x 30min naps during the day to 3 x 1.5hr naps. The boys are much happier and it is never a fight to get them to sleep now. Having a good daytime routine helps a lot. It also means that I have time in the day to do other stuff rather than having my hands with irritable overtired babies.

      The secrets of the baby whisperer has a great layout to use for your day routine. And it isn’t even a strict regime following the clock but rather a flexible but predictable routine that works on your baby’s own natural rhythm.

      Sheesh I sound like I should be getting royalties punting these books. LOL

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