Ding dong the witch is dead

Finally we have dropped the 3am bottle! The excitement of this milestone is momentous, as any mom will attest.

We almost had the 3am bottle dropped at 6 months, then the boys got sick with roseola. After that followed a horrible head cold which turned into tonsillitis and bronchitis for poor Monkey. Then Lion Cub started teething. Each time something happened we ended up at square one.

So finally we got to the point where the boys were only drinking about 60mls at 3am and I figured that they were waking more out of habit that hunger.

Over the space of 2 weeks I decreased the number of scoops of formula powder in their bottles while leaving the volume of water the same. Then we moved over to plain water.

Last night the boys had one sip of water each at 4:30 and went straight back to sleep.

I’m ready to burst into a Judy Garland-esque musical number.


6 thoughts on “Ding dong the witch is dead

    • Thank you SM. I add the obscure cinematic references in for my special readers like you.

      What scares the crap out of me is that my youngest sister (10 years younger than me) has no idea who Judy Garland is an would have no clue that there is a Wizard of Oz reference here.


    • I hope so too. It seems like tonight is rebellion night. It is 3:30am and I’ve been up every hour again. LC is lying awake fighting sleep. *sigh*

      I was warned it would happen but It does suck!

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