8 Months today.

Our boys are 8 months old today.

the world is an amazing place and I discover a million new things every day through the eyes of my boys.

What soft feels like.
That wheels go around.

What sour tastes like.
How the word mama feels on a little tongue.

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. The boys are taking their first few crawling shuffles.

Lion Cub says mama with intention. He also makes very funny babbling noises which sound just like talking. Dear Wife was changing his nappy today and he sounded like he said “my bum”, so she asked him “Did you just say my bum?” To which he replied “yes.” Ofcourse it was nonsense noises but it had us in hysterics.

Monkey is such a social child. We went to a birthday party today and he had everyone wrapped around his little finger. He does this thing where he wrinkles his nose when he smiles and everyone thinks it is too cute.

Sleep training is going well. The boys can fall asleep by themselves but we are still having a few niggles in the night. Last night was the closest we’ve had to them actually sleeping through. I’m hoping that tonight will be even better. We are doing sleep training from The Baby Whisperer (by Tracey Hogg). What I like about it is that you never leave your baby to cry it out but instead you are there supporting your baby while they learn to sleep by themselves without using you as a prop.

Other things we are trying;
The boys don’t use their dummies during the day. They don’t seem to miss them too much. Now they only get a dummy when they go to sleep or when they are sitting in their car chairs.
They are also on a new daytime routine and have gone from 4 x 30min naps a day to 3 x 1 – 1.5 hour long naps and it is mostly 1.5 hours. They even napped well while we were out at the birthday party. Will wonders never cease?

Sometimes I wish babies came with an instruction manual Other times I look at how we have figured things out leaving us with happy, confident little boys and I’m proud of Dear Wife and I.


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