Sleep training

I’m too tired to post.

We are in the thick of it.

The boys are amazing, they thrill and amaze me constantly. Their sleep however is up to crap. They were having 4 half hour naps a day and waking every hour, on the hour at night.

Well Dear Wife has taken 3 days off work so we can sleep train. First we fixed their daytime routine and have gotten them to nap about an hour and 15 minutes at a stretch.

They also fall asleep by themselves without being rocked.

But, and it is a monumental but, last night at 1;30am the wheels came off. Both boys woke up and proceeded to have a screaming contest for the next 2 hours.

I’m hoping tonight will be better because I just can’t take much more sleep deprivation. This has to work. Please let it work. Mommy is sick of being tired and cranky.


8 thoughts on “Sleep training

  1. :(, that sucks. I’ve heard it is exhausting to sleep train twins….that said – those who’ve done it have done it amazingly and have 12 hour sleepers. You can do it! It’ll just be rough for the first while…hope it goes by quickly!

    • I hope and pray that it works. 8 months of terrible sleep is taking it’s toll. I get more sleep in the morning when the nanny gets in but I really can’t carry on with only having half a day to do everything that needs to be done.

    • What makes it really difficult is that:

      A) I’m already tired going in.
      B) It is difficult to be confident and consistent when you have two melting down babies.
      C) I’m trying to get 3 people to do things in the same way.

      It is 3am and there has only been one squeak since 11pm. I’m cautiously hopeful.

  2. You have all my sympathy! Baby G is also not the best sleeper, I must say. DH said the other day he can see the lack of sleep is getting to me… Glad to hear our baby is not the only one not sleeping through yet, I’ve been getting despondent hearing everyones stories of how their babies slept through at 12 weeks… But I must say other than the sleeping issues everything else is great and I love it, so I’m not complaining…

    • It drives me mad all these stories of babies sleeping through from 12 weeks.

      We still do 2 bottle feeds at night because just as we had dropped one the boys got sick and started demanding their 3am bottle again. We should have them weaned off it again by the end of the week. Last night I got a 3 hour long stretch of sleep and I was celebrating.

  3. Sleep training is so totally worth it! I was terrified going into it and to be honest simply couldn;t see how I was going to make it work and get through it. Then Hubby just took the bull by the horns and put them down and did it. So I followed suit. It really has made the world of difference. We don’t have perfect sleep every night, but typically (teething dependant) have at least 4-5 12hr sleeps a week and on the nights I do need to get up with them it is (typically – teething dependant) a quick and easy resettle job. Good luck honey, I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Also be aware that once you have it sorted they will have a ‘rebellion’ night about a week or so later.

    • The boys can fall asleep by themselves now, that in itself is a miracle. Now for them settling by themselves when they wake up at 2am without waking the other baby up.

      Last night was a good night, relatively speaking. I hope it gets better and better.

      How did you do the sleep training with you little ones?

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