Lion Cub has his first tooth! It came through the gum today. Dear Wife discovered it while giving him balsamic reduction to taste; by the way he loves the taste of balsamic, Monkey pulled some priceless faces and gagged. No teeth for Monkey yet but I think it will be soon. His gums a squishy and you can see the tooth under the surface. Lion Cub has been unusually restless in his sleep for the last few days, obviously it was his tooth cutting through that was worrying him. Teething so far has been okay, nowhere near as horrible as I expected.

They are a week away from 8 months. Other milestones. They are almost crawling. Both can go onto their knees from sitting but then end up on their tummies. Lion Cub is doing the rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Both can pull themselves up and stand against stuff, whether it be me or the couch.

Both have suddenly got very vocal. Lion Cub says mama and does this funny little growling noise. Monkey says ta, da, tha, aba, and lots of shrieks and squeals.

This stage of development is such fun. They are discovering new skills everyday!

I have no idea how much they weigh. I suppose I should get the nurse to come weigh and measure them soon.

The man of the moment. Lion Cub has a tooth!


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