Who’s reading your blog?

I follow a lot of blots. Some of real life friends, some of my forum sisters and a few random strangers. Blogging is fun and a great way to connect with other like minded people. I love following the stories of people from vastly different walks of life. There is a lesbian comedian in the states, a woman who has twins via surrogacy in India, mommies of twins, ladies trying to conceive, a friend trying to lose weight, mommy bloggers, adoption blogs, all sorts really. I enjoy the sense on community that comes with blogging.

The other day something happened that made me angry. Well maybe uncomfortable is a better word. A real life friend went on a rant on a subject that directly included me. What she said hurt me and made me feel unsafe with her as a friend. All of this happened on her blog.

I wonder if her rant was intended to be a private thought that should have been journalled rather than blogged. Did she not realise that there was the potential that one of the people she ranted about would read her words? It is an odd situation to be in as it made me re-evaluate whether our friendship should continue.

When I write I assume that everyone will read what I write at some point. The same way that I am cautious of what I post on Facebook status updates and anything else that I put in the public domain such as forums.

Why do people type and hit send before they think things through? Tweeting when angry, Facebooking when drunk, bitchy blog posts have all become the faux pas of the digital age.

Do you think about who your audience is before you post? Would you write things differently if you knew that your friends and family were reading your posts?

Who’s reading your blog?


7 thoughts on “Who’s reading your blog?

  1. I definitely think about who is reading it…..everything is anonymous…ok there are pictures of me, but hopefully it is never found. I don’t want people in my life to know certain things about me, our IF journey being a big one – which is why I started the blog, so I could share without having to share…..that said (although I have broken this on two occasions), I try not to bitch about anyone else on the blog, it is just about me.

    • My wife and I discussed what was appropriate to share on Facebook and my blog before I started blogging. I think you have to be careful about what you put out there. As for writing about other people… well I think that is just in poor taste.

  2. I always check an drechck especially facebook wheer 99.9% are people I know in real life and most are family members. Also… my blog is set on private and I’m the only one who reads it 🙂

  3. Yeah, I promised I would never embarrass my husband. I would make fun of him, cos that’s what I do, but never reveal anything intimate about him, and never shame him. Same deal with people in my life. Although I’ve been tempted!!!
    That’s not what this is about. I imagine (in my megalomania) that everyone will read it, so be careful……not to do so is thoughtless, and in my opinion, pretty uncool.
    Who wants to be uncool? 😉

    • I have the same deal with Dear Wife. It is a very fine line between what I would share and what she would prefer I don’t reveal on the internet.

      I am a complete exhibitionist so I have no problem with discussing the minuté of my life. DW is a very private person.

      I would never go on a rant about my friends. Never! If you can’t say it to their faces then don’t say it at all.

  4. I am very concious of who reads my blog and what i write on it. I don’t write about my husband much as it is not his blog. If he wanted the world to know (or my whole 25 followers) he would get a blog of his own. I try not to write about stuff that might embarrase Little OL when she is older and I generally dont post pictures of family or friends without their permission.
    You never know who reads your blog. I thought mine was pretty anonmous until I realised that a friend who is does the same sport as I did googled a race I ran and found it that way. PE is pretty small.

    • I really don’t mind having friends following my blog but I am very cognisant of what I put into the public domain.

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