5 Months

Wow, how did the last month go by so quickly? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was typing out our 4 month update.

So what has changed in the last month? Both boys are getting physically stronger every day. Monkey is no longer a floppy little thing and is catching up to his brother. Lion Cub can almost sit unassisted… almost. He stays up for a couple seconds and then keels over to his left. Monkey can also sit for a second or two but then folds double like a deflating balloon.

The boys are loving eating solid food. I cooked an assortment of veggies for them. Butternut, gem squash, sweet potato and apple all pureed and frozen into cubes. I found silicone ice trays which work so well, so well in fact that I went out and bought 6 more trays even though they are ridiculously expensive. I want to be able to cook for 2 weeks at a time and always have frozen veg ready in the freezer. Next will be potato and carrots, potato and green beans, and potato and broccoli. I love how colourful the trays look and I have a feeling of accomplishment knowing my boys are eating fresh fruit and veg instead of the jars of baby food that don’t taste anything like what it says it is on the label.

They are on two meals a day and are finishing two heaped tablespoons of food each. Monkey is still eating better than Lion Cub. He seems to have figured out the whole swallowing thing quicker.

Other milestones:
Lion Cub makes brrrrrr and drrrrrr noises while blowing spit bubbles.
Monkey has started sucking his thumb.
Both boys have graduated to sleeping with one arm out of the swaddle.
Monkey is finally drinking the same amount of formula as Lion Cub. I’m hoping he’ll close the gap between their weights.
Lion Cub weighs a whopping 8kg and Monkey only 6.5kg.
Monkey has discovered his feet and loves playing with them.
I also celebrated a milestone…my first full day away from the house, leaving the boys with Angel Nanny. It was hard but we all survived.

I promise that part 3 of the good, the bad and the ugly is coming, I just haven’t had much time to write.


9 thoughts on “5 Months

    • Lieta they are growing so fast it is amazing to see them developing and growing on a daily basis. I am loving them at this stage. It is lots of fun.

  1. Wow your boys sound too cute! You must post more pics soon.

    I also think its sooo awesome that you are able to give them fresh home-made food instead of the nonsense in a jar. They will grow up loving the taste of vege’s.

    • I’ll do another photo post soon. Promise.

      I’m so excited about experimenting with foods and flavours. They love the veggies now, let’s hope that it stays like that.

  2. Sounds pretty awesome cooking for them like that – think you need to pen down some recipes for the rest of us (if you have time again at some point)

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