Dear Wife and I celebrate the anniversary of the day we met this Friday. We actually don’t make a big deal of Valentines day and keep the festivities for our “meetaversary”. It is 5 years since we chatted each other up at a monthly grrls only party called Playground. The event no longer exists, but the spark that was kindled that night has become something very special.

You often read sappy romance stories of love at first sight. Well if I hadn’t experienced it, I would laugh it off myself. I knew DW was special from the moment we started talking and within 2 weeks I knew she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. We didn’t do the typical lesbian U-haul and move in on the second date thing. We dated for a couple of months and took things slowly. That said we haven’t been apart for longer than 3 days since the day we met.

This is our first meetaversary with our boys. We have organised to leave them at home with Angel Nanny and are going to go out for a meal together. A real, sit down, eat at the same time, have a conversation, drink a glass of wine, meal. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with DW. With twins it is easy for your relationship to be relegated to the back seat while you are caught up in the never ending whirlwind of baby stuff. Taking Mommy and Mama time is so important.

We’ve decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants which is close to the house. It is nothing fancy but the food is good and the service friendly. I’m wondering what special “something” I can do for DW considering how little time I have in the day. Ofcourse DW follows my blog so I can’t actually discuss any ideas here :p (sorry love).

Let the shopping begin! I am a way-before-the-time present buyer. I am already organising her birthday gift even though her birthday is in October. I love finding the perfect gift. Shopping at short notice is stressful and often unsatisfying. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Congrats! May you have MANY MANY more blissful years ahead!
    My DH doesn’t like celebrating our meetaversary! The fart! I think it’s a very special day!
    Good luck on finding that something special for her!

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