3 Month Update

I can’t believe the boys are 3 months old! They turned exactly 3 months on Valentine’s day.

I saw a lovely format for updates on Cam’s blog (http://www.angelsonmymind.blogspot.com) so I am going to steal it.

Age: 3 months / 13 weeks

Height/Weight: We went for a weigh for the first time since 9 weeks. Lion Cub 5.9kg and Monkey 4.8kg! They are getting so very big. And boy does that 1kg make a huge difference when you are carrying and rocking the boys.

Developmental notes: Lion Cub is so strong, he loves to stand and do his little hula dance as he finds his balance. Monkey is not as strong and still rather floppy. Both had their first sits in the Bumbo yesterday. Lion Cub loved it, Monkey less so. Both have found their hands and are constantly sucking and chewing on them, it is very cute to watch. With this new found control of their arms it has become almost impossible to keep them swaddled at night, soon we’ll be able to move out of swaddles altogether.

Eating: Lion Cub was an eating machine up until recently. He would finish anything you put in his mouth. Monkey is fussy. The planets and stars must align perfectly for him to eat. He fusses and pushes the bottle away and cries. It is quite exhausting.
In the last week Lion Cub has also been refusing the bottle at some feeds. With Monkey you can bribe him to drink with a bit of Telement colic drops or glycerine, but Lion Cub is stubborn stubborn stubborn! You can stand on your head and whistle Dixie for all the difference it would make. If he doesn’t want to drink, he won’t!
Breastfeeding is coming to a sorry end. Both boys only take the boob occasionally and I am expressing and giving bottle breastmilk more often than not. I miss breastfeeding. The two weeks that Angel Nanny was away really put the nails in the coffin for keeping the boys on the boob.

Sleep: the boys hardly sleep during the day. According to Sleep Sense our boys should be awake between 1 and 1.5 hours at a stretch. Ha! Sure! We are lucky if they sleep for 45min between feeds, and then seldom at the same time. At night they sleep relatively well. They go down at about 20:30 after their feed and bath at 19:00. They sleep until between 23:30 and 00:30 then one will wake and call us for their first night time bottle. Then they sleep until 03:30 to 04:30 when they get their next dream feed. They have recently started waking for the day at 06:00 even though we get to keep them asleep until 07:00. They niggle from about 05:00 onwards and on a bad night I can be going through to soothe a baby up to 8 times.

Favourite Things: I went for some retail therapy and bought a whole bunch of stuff to help us be hands free. We got a Kango pouch, two Bumbos and a Graco swinging chair. Monkey LOVES the swing. I call it the electric nanny because 2 minutes in it and he is asleep. I can see us using it a lot in the months to come.
The boys favourite thing has to be their stuffed teddy Tigger. He sits next to the changing station and gets smiles and chats from both boys.

Dislikes: Post partum depression! It sucks. I hate feeling so moody and tearful. I haven’t been coping since Angel Nanny went AWOL and things are just coming to a head now. I could dedicate an entire post to PND. I have upped my dose of happy pills and am hoping that it helps. Otherwise I am going to find a psychologist and maybe get a script for something stronger from my GP.

Their accomplishments: No more 3 hour long crying fits for Monkey. Yup, ding dong the colic’s gone. Happy days! Lion Cub can lift his head when lying on his tummy and holds his head up when sitting in the Bumbo.

Our accomplishments: well the boys are still alive and I haven’t run away. It has been a particularly trying time for us as a family as Dear Wife has massive work stress and I have been in a dark place too. Hopefully things get a bit better soon.

Looking forward to: Dropping a night feed. Getting a night nurse for an evening soon. The boys learning to sit.

Mommy musings: in case no-one has told you, the early months with babies is crap! It is really hard with very little reward. SA maternity leave is ridiculous, you spend the hardest part at home with your babies and just as they become interactive and fun you have to go back to work. Thankfully I am lucky enough to have 6 months maternity leave.
I also still haven’t joined SAMBA the SA Multiple Births Association. I keep meaning to but time just runs away with me. I was speaking to a lady who says it is very worthwhile. Maybe I’ll do it today.


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