When the crying gets too much

With twins there is, obviously, two of everything. Two times the nappies, two time the bottles, two bodies to bath, two times the smiles and giggles, and two times the crying.

The hardest part of having Angel Nanny MIA has been the lack of a second pair of arms when the boys decide to melt down simultaneously. Which boys do you pick up and console? As you calm one the other has worked himself into a frenzy. You put the calm baby down to pick the hysterical one up but the calm baby starts crying and you haven’t even started to calm the second child down. It becomes a juggling act worthy of Cirque Du Soleil. Pick up, rock, pat, put down, pick up, rock, pat, put down, use knee to rock crib while holding other baby, bump, pick up, rock, pat, put down. Faster and faster while getting you nowhere because both babies and eventually you are in tears.

The advice you are given is to put your baby, or babies in this case, down in a safe place and the walk away while taking a couple deep breaths and collect yourself.

All very well in theory, but that still doesn’t stop the crying.

Eventually you find yourself rocking a bit too vigorously or patting a little too hard and suddenly you get a fright and realise you have to calm down.

Somehow the babies get calmed and finally go to sleep. Mom is left feeling a bit shell shocked. Then tomorrow it starts again (if you are lucky otherwise in 3 – 4 hours) and you know everyday is a game of Russian Roulette. One day you have perfect smiling, laughing angels and the next day you have horrible little monsters.

I wish there were more smiles, more laughter but that will come.

Anyone have any tips on dealing with crying babies?


One thought on “When the crying gets too much

  1. …I can’t BEGIN to imagine… The only tips I have involve one baby, so pretty useless. I take my hat off to you. And shoes…

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