The mysterious case of the dissappearing nanny

Oh no, more nanny troubles!

Originally we hired a lady to help with the housework and look after me when the boys were born. Things didn’t work out as she had to make an emergency trip back home and couldn’t get back in time.

So we found someone else a week before the boys were born. We found Angel Nanny. She is a perfect fit for us. I trust her with the boys, she is very similar in personality to me so we are on very friendly terms and chat all day long, she is competent and trustworthy, and now… she is missing.

She warned us that she had a memorial service to go to in January when she first came to work for us. So fast forward to two weeks ago, off she went back to Zimbabwe. We were expecting her back last Thursday. Thursday came, Thursday went, by Friday I was totally cheesed off at being left in the lurch. By Sunday I was worried. I can’t help but think that something must have happened to her that is preventing her from contacting us. We only have her SA phone numbers. Due to a mix up with bus times she left in a tizzy and forgot to leave her sister’s phone number in Zimbabwe.

I am in a difficult position as I now need to phone the agency and interview a replacement but all I want is my Angel Nanny back. I don’t want to replace her! I don’t want to have to train someone else. I don’t want to sit through interviewing ladies all the while comparing them to Angel Nanny.

In 3 short months she has become part of our family and I am so concerned that something horrible has happened to her.

Dear Wife is driving to Johannesburg today to where her boyfriend lives to find out if he has heard from her and if she is okay.

I phoned the bus company to find out if there were any delays at the border or problems with buses, and there weren’t.

What more can we do? I am so worried for her.


2 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the dissappearing nanny

    • I just got a call from Dear Wife. She found Angel Nanny’s boyfriend and he has also not been able to get hold of her but had her stepmom’s phone number in Zim. Dear Wife phoned and managed to speak to Angel Nanny. She will be home tomorrow.

      I have been praying so hard for her safety and that she will come home. My prayers have been answered.

      I was so relieved that I sommer burst into tears.

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