Fancy a cuppa?

A friend on Facebook posted the following:

“Motherhood: the magical state of being that transforms a simple cup of tea into a shining holy grail”

It got me thinking that I haven’t had a hot cup of tea since the boys were born. I now drink black rooibos because it tastes good hot or cold.

Other things I miss:

Leisurely baths
Sleeping more than 2.5 hours at a stretch
Watching an episode of anything on TV
Clean clothes

Things I love:

Baby smell (we don’t use scented products but they still smell so good)
Squishy knees and bums
Gummy smiles
Sleeping baby cuddles
Sleeping baby giggles
Watching Dear Wife play with the boys and comfort them when they cry

I can say I have never felt so full of love in my life before. I love our boys. I love Dear Wife. I love how Dear Wife looks after the boys and interacts with them. It really makes my heart swell with love for her. That kind of love that has you swallowing a lump in your throat and fighting back tears.

Some days happiness takes a back seat to frustration and irritability but that warm bubbly love is always there.


2 thoughts on “Fancy a cuppa?

  1. Hey there,
    So nice to have found your blog – I don’t visit the forum anymore (even tho I popped in the first time today in months!) and I have always wondered how you are all keeping and coping.
    I LOVED this post – it’s beautiful!

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