Welcome to my blog!

Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody. Step right up and witness the three-ring circus that is my life as a mommy of twins.

I am a mommy to fraternal twin boys. They are 2 months old. I initially started this blog to write about our journey to fall pregnant, pregnancy and parenthood, but this didn’t quite work out all that well. Falling pregnant was remarkably easy and our first try resulted in me being pregnant with twins. Pregnancy was a blur… without a doubt the fastest 38 weeks of my life. And before I could blink I was a mommy with two little blue bundles wrapped and sleeping in their nursery.

So here I am finally dusting off my keyboard and starting my blog, two months in to being a parent. Hopefully I can find time to be a good blogger, please be patient with me.

This blog is a dedication to Monkey and Lion Cub, the second best things to happen to me. The first being meeting and marrying the love of my life, Dear Wife.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Finally A! Can’t wait to hear more about M & L cub’s escapades and how you adapting to motherhood (like a fish to water I suspect).

    • Thanks Hope. Some days are better than others but we are all doing well and are happy and healthy.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello! I hope this is not too forward, but is there any way you can elaborate a bit more on how you went about getting pregnant, insemination, donor sperm etc.

    Kind regards and wishing you well

    • Hi Taryn, I promised Dear Wife that I wouldn’t discuss those topics on my blog as there are some very personal choices that we made that we would prefer not to discuss in a public forum. I’ll be happy to chat to you on email if you are interested. Should I use the gmail account that you used to comment with?

      XX Fabs

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